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How To Improve Your Click-Through Rate?

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According to an experienced digital marketer having a vast knowledge of CTR is a plus, aside from the link positions in the search results, snippet quality, perceived relevance and brand recognition also affect the CTR.


Among all the search, the snippet is the most prominent one and you must know the ways to make it more effective for improving the CTR.

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A snippet is formed by the three basic elements -

  • Title
  • URL
  • Description


Just based on the title, almost 80% of people decide to click on an article. Since the visual space for a reader on screen is less, the title should be more or less to 55 characters in length. While being search engine optimized, it should also appeal to the readers who want to get its view. Equally important, keyword selection should also be done carefully, not just because you will rank for, but Google displays it in the bold fonts for the web users.


Try to put it in the beginning or close to the title as far as possible. What Google understands from it is your link is more relevant to a particular keyword or search phrase. Why? This is ‘cause most of the users see usually first 20 characters of the title or so, meaning that you have that much room only to grab the attention of the users. To make your title stand out, many other things you can choose to do is the inclusion of a call to action, some of the strong verbs or the least you should do is make capital the most important words in your title.


While URL may be less important as compared to the title, some tricks and tweaks you can apply to it for making it more appealing to the reader include making short and descriptive URLs. This could be done to summarize the content in a few words that you have to upload. Even see the chances if you could put relevant keywords to your content.


 Meta Description

Through meta description, you can say a little more about your content. Do not forget to keep them up to 155 characters only. Prefer not to describe your product or service in it but directly address the users and try to engage them in one look. There is no issue with the use of verbs or calls to action, include that. It would be enough better to offer discounts, free delivery, free membership or other facilities that your potential buyers love to have.


Now if you are thinking these changes will create a huge spike in your CTR, you may be wrong. But the addition of all these little things helps in making a tangible difference in customer engagement. What’s the problem with the classic snippets is that they are all quite similar even if they are very good. That’s where the call of rich snippets seems important. If you want to go through an example, searching for a “chocolate lava cakes recipe” shows the first result as a featured snippet for a specific article on the chocolate lava cake recipe. Other results on the first page include attractive images with the most relevant keywords as well that we entered. Rich snippets are not only great for recipes but also for product reviews. This is also well enough for events since they might include information like cooking time, user ratings and the preparation time. And this will be much more appealing than your average snippet.

For that matter, keyword relevance is given so much importance in content, title, snippet or even if it is a meta description.


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